Wednesday, May 13, 2009

OMG... FB is like crack.

Where have I been? Blame it on Facebook. It's taken over a lot of daily posting time so blogging has been, well back burner. Since my last post, some nice gigs and auditions have come. Netflix came knocking last week again for a pick up session. First ISDN shot from the new studio digs. LOOOOOVE the new studio. Very comfortable. I need to do some cleaning up of the junk that piles up while hooking all the gear all up... I'll post some pics shortly.

Had a very nice set of auditions recently for Hasbro/GI Joe, and the Espy's (award show) that is coming up. Welcome new agent in Dallas Joe Chavez at The Clutts AGY. Nice TruTV audition as soon as we chatted today.

Sorry, no pretty pics or links to auditions, just a note to say SORRY for not updating lately. No major construction projects for a while at the house will let me concentrate on landing some more national gigs here the rest of the year and I can post fun stuff here! HELLO! I'M BACK!



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