Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thank you, on Thanksgiving! :)

During this Thanksgiving day, just a note to say thank you for visiting my site and if you are a client of mine, thank you for yet another wonderful year! Here's hoping to a great 2009! I hope you are thankful for something special on this day! If your not a client yet, let me know how I can help you on your next project. (I'll thank you later for that!!)

I also just got word for a session on Monday for another year as the main Netflix voice for their testimonial campaign. Another thing to be thankful for on this special day.

Thank you again! Have a great Turkey Day! (uh.. I'm so stuffed!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Interview with Radio Creative Land

Very cool site out there for creatives for all forms of media called Radio Creative Land. ( And Doug Zanger and I spoke about our industry, including success and challenges we face in the coming years. Very cool guy and love his enthusiasm for our industry. Click on pic below to hear entire interview.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

RBR Article - Success in Decision Making.

I had an article featured in this weeks site, another industry trade publication that is viewed around the world. Click image below to read full article.

Peggy made simple.... actually "Home Made Simple" Audition

Casting people for Discovery Network, TLC's "Home Made Simple" came to audition us today to possibly appear on one of their upcoming episodes to be shot in January. It's a fun show where you have three "Mavens" that come in and help you do any number of things that need finishing up, fixed up, or created in the home to make life better. Kind of a cute show. We watched an episode before the producers came over. Here's Peggy below being asked questions. They shooed me away to ask her questions, then did the same to me and shooed Peggy away. Payback! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

TXMPA - Friday Night.

Local Agents Liz and James of TAG Talent and a lot of our roster all got together at the Texas Motion Picture Alliance Spaghetti Western dinner and fund raiser! Fellow talent and friend Jeff Jordon and I hung out and networked. It was a great time to visit with a number of the other talents on the roster for a great cause! Lots of celebs, and casting agents including Diana Guthrie (that's Diana with Jeff and me above) on hand to relax and toast with a Shiner Bock. Shook the hands of Ray Benson (Asleep at the Wheel) and Directors Richard Linklater, and Mike Judge (Pictured below). It was a fun night! Seeing how the house is wrapping up on the small projects, I am heading out and making more time to network with my fellow peeps.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Auditions.. nice ones too!

Oh to land a Superbowl gig... MMMMmmmmmmm the smell of Clydesdale's. I auditioned for Budweiser, Microsoft and... (wait for it) Wienerschnitzel! Yeaaaaaahhhhh! Oh the lengths we go to for our voice-over craft!

(Click on logo below to hear my auditions)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Creative Proof

A success story of a client at the station that was picked up by a new creative community I belong to: . Already got a bounce back from the big guy at corporate. ;-) Nice.