Saturday, October 4, 2008

Who the...? Why would I get a hit from here?

After I blogged about the Kreg Jig infomercial I voiced for a national roll out that hit the air recently... I get a hit on the tracker. What a hoot. Look at the city and state! Now.. I love that you hit my site and blog but a question we, (meaning every American resident residing in the lower 48) has is uh.. how do I put this... THERE'S AN ACTUAL CORPORATE T1 THERE??? No s@#t? We can move there! But can you get ISDN!?! Hmmmm

(Click on image to make it larger)

Thanks for visiting Wasilla! Say hi to the Ruskies when you see 'em don'cha'noh. And yes order the Kreg Jig. I am getting one in the mail myself and can't wait! Their amazing!

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