Sunday, October 26, 2008

Austin Wind Symphony - Live narration last Friday Night.

To boldly go, where Jimbo has not gone before..... in a long time!!! To stay up past his bed time! No really, last Friday night was a trip. I donated my voice and time to the Austin Wind Symphony for another fall concert. What fun! For those that came? Thanks! All went well until later in the show where I stared reaching that optimal sleeping temperature. ;) That 4AM wake up happens on weekends too. Just a couple of lost places in the script. But recovered ok. I did get to be Captain Kipping and be addressed by Captain Picard... Nice FX too. WAS is a class act group. The Pic below is of Conductor Patrick, VP Shelly and I after the "fitting" of the star fleet Captain's uniform. (I think I still have a stick pin somewhere I can't reach.. )

If you have never seen the Austin Wind Symphony, check them out. Their next concert is in March and will feature music from Video Games! Thanks all. Now back to the 4am grind. See you next time!!!

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