Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Happenings - Singapore calling - Nerf too.

First off, the service for Tom Quarles (TQ) will be this Wednesday, Sept. 17 @ 2:30pm/Weed-Corley/N. Lamar. Wow.. I still can't believe he's gone. What a local legend and someone I looked up to. Gonna miss Tom.

In voicing news, came through with a gig for Best Denki, a chain of electronics stores in Singapore. Makes a huge difference working with someone 13 hour difference in time. We're getting up while they are going to bed! This was a corporate video project that was a rush job. Of course I am coming off of some nasty cold/bug picked up from someone at the station!! Aaagh!! (snort, spit)

However one thing that does happen when a cold comes on, I can channel Don Lafontaine as I did in this audition for Nerf for VoiceCasting in Atlanta. Wow.. what a violent... toy? Listen to entire audition, it's kinda funny. Never voice angry..... or hyped up on antihistamines!! ;)

This week NAB Radio also hits town (That's David Rehr, NAB Pres above). I think he was against the bridge to no where from the beginning. ;) I will be attending the radio festivities, Tom's service, the Amtrak California session is also this week. Whew. Glad I can multi-task.

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