Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trade Pub... Pub.. Radio and Production Mag tease.

Jerry V at Radio and Production and I had a wonderful conversation about life, sound design, radio and building homes (my wife and I general contracted and lived IN my soon to be studio while building our house). The article hits this month's issue. Here is the tease that the publisher has on their site:

Interview: Jim Kipping, Emmis Broadcasting, Austin, Texas
by Jerry Vigil

How many times have you said, “One of these days… I’m going to buy me a piece of land outside of town and build my dream home, with my dream studio”? That’s what Jim Kipping said some 9 years ago when we last interviewed him in May of 1999. In fact, he had just purchased 11 acres near Willie Nelson’s home outside of Austin, Texas. This month’s RAP Interview checks in on this dream, which is in the final stages of completion – a fabulous home he calls, Il Poggio Secco, Italian for “the dry hill.” Keeping with the Italian theme, the house features a tile roof, picturesque views from the windows overlooking the Texas Hill Country and the Pedernales River, ornate d├ęcor throughout, and of course, his soon-to-be dream studio. Did he hit the lottery? No. This is a simple story of vision and hard work, even while maintaining a demanding full-time job, which he still holds as Creative Services Director at Emmis Broadcasting’s Austin properties. An in his spare time, Jim has managed to cut his niche in the national voice-over business. Jim tells us what’s new at Emmis Austin, how he’s managed to grow his VO business, and what it has taken to bring his dream to fruition. Check out this month’s RAP CD for a sample of the excellent work his crew is churning out at the stations, and check out his website at for more on Il Poggio Secco.

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