Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kreg Tool Infomercial - Jimbo VO, just in!

I know this is already running, as I have recived hits on this blog from Google searches that point here. So.. here's a portion of that Kreg Tool Company show I voiced. The original show is 30 minutes. Of course just finishing building a house, WOW this would have come in handy! Dang! ;)


Telebrands said...

Helpful video. Showing this textbook infomercial seems to showcase the not just the product, but the urgency, the call to action, and may give viewers a reason to impulse buy. Thanks for sharing this marketing tactic.

jimbo said...

Why thank you Telebrands. Please let me know if you need any vo. I am on this as well as a national campaign for Netflix both here in the US and Canada.