Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ALLLLL ABOARD!!! Now landing in studio 1...

Ok.. for those of you that know about THE SECRET... it works.. that's all I have to say about that. (silly Forest Gump voice here) Today, as I was grocery shopping I thought to myself.. Hey.. self... what's the deal with the Amtrak audition I did (see Amtrak posting way below) a few weeks ago? Then did a call-back audition last Friday last minute. I called Becky at BigFishVoice.. Hey Becky whats with Amtrak? "I'm on it.." she says.... I get a message while I'm standing in fresh fruits and veggies isle about 10 minutes later (beep) "Hey Jimbo, Becky here.. no sooner did you hang up the phone with me, I get a call from the agency for Amtrak California.. you got the gig. I didn't even have a chance to call them.. they called me!" Seee? Attraction people, Attraction! How funny.
Wait, more potentially huge news, as I get home there is a very large audition for the new Harry Potter video game coming out. Let's just say this is wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy huge..er. Of course I gave it the full treatment on the audition file to send in... hear THAT here. That and I get messages from three friends from high school I hadn't seen in 22 years?Strange. (I'm thinking of you right now!?!?! OOOoooooooooo)

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