Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome GSD&M! Thanks for visiting the site!

I just love my web page tracker. You can see all kinds of folks that hit the sites. Thanks for visiting guys and/or gals! Welcome to the blog. ;-) If I knew you were a-comin, I would have broken out a fruit basket or popped open a nice Merlot. (Everyone loves the Merlot, Seinfeld was sooo right!)

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Corporate/T1 Organization LTC/GSD&M
Browser MSIE 7
Continent North America
Operating System Windows XP
Country United States
Screen Resolution 1280x1024
State / Region Texas
Screen Color 32 Bit (16.7M)
City Austin
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12 Aug \'08, Tue, 09:06:09
19 Aug \'08, Tue, 12:05:45
19 Aug \'08, Tue, 12:05:51
19 Aug \'08, Tue, 12:06:20
19 Aug \'08, Tue, 20:41:45

wow, more hits?? You guys... really theres not that much content here yet!! But hey awesome! Let's do some spots!

19 Aug \'08, Tue, 20:41:45
11:49:23 (really? 11 hours on one site? Ok, who left the screen up??)
20 Aug \'08, Wed, 08:31:08
20 Aug \'08, Wed, 09:04:34
20 Aug \'08, Wed, 09:07:09
20 Aug \'08, Wed, 09:07:20
20 Aug \'08, Wed, 09:41:26
05:05:34 (oops... left it up again.. 5 hours. I really need to put on-line Tetris on here for you all!!)
20 Aug \'08, Wed, 14:47:00

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Adomatica said...

Agreed...I love being able to see what companies/people are visiting my blog or website.