Friday, August 22, 2008

...we have lift off! Where have all the good GSD&M's gone?

Calls on the way home yesterday confirmed two gigs. 1) Infomercial Kreg Tool Co, (SAG job) with Atomic Direct out of Portland, session today at Poggio Secco studio. Session fee and residuals? Uh.. Ok! Nice. 2) Also had word from James at TAG Talent, Oklahoma tourism has put me standby for session on Monday. Good things are happening! Some sad news to report, after having pretty much the entire building hitting my sites earlier this week, GSD&M is no where to be found.
:( No more hits from in the building.... I know, sad. That doesn't mean they aren't hitting from their houses or mobile devices to though...(I see those too) so HELLO AGAIN! ;) Let's do lunch! Have your people call my people. If you are your people, then call me direct! CIAO. jbo

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