Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Next generation voice-over star! Meet Evan.

One thing I truly believe in my heart is if you want to get somewhere in life, help others get to where they want to go! ;-)

Today, my former next door neighbor had an opportunity to bring their boy Evan up to my studio, for a CALL BACK audition for a pretty big character on PBS Kids called Hooper. This is significant because he has never done anything like this before. One of my agents in Denver emailed with a call to us "talents" that may know any young kids that may fit the Hooper voice mold last week. Why yes.. Yes I do. I called Evan's mom and dad and told them about the audition.... needless to say they were excited so they brought him in last week for the the initial audition. Since this is summer break, no problem to bring him up to the studio and BAAAAM! Today he got a call back on the first time. Good for him!!! Now let's land it Evan!!!

Hear Evan in his call back audition HERE!!

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