Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday, Monday... session session.

Today, had a wonderful session for Oklahoma Tourism through TAG Talent. John from the agency was great to work with and in the same time zone for a change. Wow! Will post those when I get a copy to show you all... the original audition did indeed perk their ears and made it stand out, but I also gave them some dry reads which they used to close the deal with the client. I'm sure glad that stuff works out! Got a glowing review from the VoiceCaster audition for TimeWarner Cable which would be nice. Finally last Friday was the session for Kreg Tool Company Informercial. Great session with John and Drew live from DownStream in Portland and Poggio Secco Studio... albeit in temporary settings as the new studio construction hasn't started yet. Today Auditions: Culver's and TXDot.

Friday, August 22, 2008

...we have lift off! Where have all the good GSD&M's gone?

Calls on the way home yesterday confirmed two gigs. 1) Infomercial Kreg Tool Co, (SAG job) with Atomic Direct out of Portland, session today at Poggio Secco studio. Session fee and residuals? Uh.. Ok! Nice. 2) Also had word from James at TAG Talent, Oklahoma tourism has put me standby for session on Monday. Good things are happening! Some sad news to report, after having pretty much the entire building hitting my sites earlier this week, GSD&M is no where to be found.
:( No more hits from in the building.... I know, sad. That doesn't mean they aren't hitting from their houses or mobile devices to though...(I see those too) so HELLO AGAIN! ;) Let's do lunch! Have your people call my people. If you are your people, then call me direct! CIAO. jbo

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looooong Day.

Well yesterday was a loooong day. Between client & full prod sessions at the day job, I ran to the Stripes radio session at a studio down town. This is the convenience store chain spots I am on through local ad agency, McGarrah Jessee. Nice folks, Cameron, Corrie and Jeannette were there from the agency and Shay (the producer) at Tequila Mockingbird studio. Man we got that down pat, spent more time waiting to play spots for client then cutting them. ;) Such as life. Here is an example of one of the spots. STRIPES 1. Shay, the engineer is incredible. She moves out in ProTools! And she's about to bail for maternity leave... yeaaaaahhh another sound designer coming into the world. Start him early Shay, just hang a bunch of computer mice above him as his mobile! Hook up the various buttons to classic rock tunes to keep him grounded. Nice.
I then raced home for another audition for Time Warner. Full prod on that one. That usually catches the ears of casting agents! As well as a set of short stories narration project. Finally hopped in bed at 8:30, up at 3A to do it all again. Don't tell me you don't have time! I will call you a liar. LIAR!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Welcome GSD&M! Thanks for visiting the site!

I just love my web page tracker. You can see all kinds of folks that hit the sites. Thanks for visiting guys and/or gals! Welcome to the blog. ;-) If I knew you were a-comin, I would have broken out a fruit basket or popped open a nice Merlot. (Everyone loves the Merlot, Seinfeld was sooo right!)

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wow, more hits?? You guys... really theres not that much content here yet!! But hey awesome! Let's do some spots!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Agent signs on.

VoiceCasting Agency out of Atlanta Georgia singed on as another talent agent to rep my work, in yet another outlet. Glad to have them on board!!

My first day with them and had a nice audition for NERF / LASER TAG click HERE to hear.
And got really good feedback from the casting agency. Would be nice to snag something on the first day..... sweet!

New profile on VoiceCasting

Friday, August 15, 2008


Today's Auditions:

Amtrak Audition for Bfish
This Amtrak I just got back word that I am on the short list to send to client. The AD Agency really liked my audition. This full produced bit really caught their ear lids!! This would be all of California run for Amtrak. Sweet. Call Back on Monday.

Oklahoma State Tourism for TAG Talent
Target Stores (Oprah) for TAG Talent

Also booked new session for AFTRA session voice for Stripes Convenience stores.
Good things.. good things!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunny Delight - BBoys Step Up - TV

Kind of a unique project here. I voiced this way back
in Feburary and finally got a copy of it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Cox media announced that the local paper is for sale. Wow they really know how to liven up the Christmas party! Right? Who wants to do some TEAM building? I am truly sorry for those that have put their lives into the Statesmen that will be affected.

In other news... Jerry Vigil publisher of industry trade mag Radio and Production did a follow up interview with me, revisiting some things we spoke about waaaaaaay back in 1999. Remember those times? Y2k, and mp3, BEFORE mp3 became a household word!? next issue.

Thanks Jerry!

Seen this spot before?

Have you seen this yet? Yep.. that's me sprinkled throughout and at the end. Oh.. AND we're huge Netflix fans too. ;)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Autozone Audition, Espire, & Other stuff.

Auditions, Auditions... blah blah blah... Here is AutoZone for BigFish Voice.

Landed a gig for training Video with Espire Learning for an insurance company. And was contacted directly for a trade show video from a prod company in Phoenix. Also auditions for FoodLion and Bissel too.

Oh.. and IT'S FRIDAY! Woo Hoo. That means painting on the shed.. .see posts on our
other blog.



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Next generation voice-over star! Meet Evan.

One thing I truly believe in my heart is if you want to get somewhere in life, help others get to where they want to go! ;-)

Today, my former next door neighbor had an opportunity to bring their boy Evan up to my studio, for a CALL BACK audition for a pretty big character on PBS Kids called Hooper. This is significant because he has never done anything like this before. One of my agents in Denver emailed with a call to us "talents" that may know any young kids that may fit the Hooper voice mold last week. Why yes.. Yes I do. I called Evan's mom and dad and told them about the audition.... needless to say they were excited so they brought him in last week for the the initial audition. Since this is summer break, no problem to bring him up to the studio and BAAAAM! Today he got a call back on the first time. Good for him!!! Now let's land it Evan!!!

Hear Evan in his call back audition HERE!!